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I would fix my position using visual bearings. You will use the algebraic equation. They also tend to be more personal, as we’ll describe below.

4) In a staff room, there are four racks with 10 boxes of chalk-stick.In a given day, 10 boxes of chalk stick are in use. Situational questions are common in second interviews. There are two types of interest which can be calculated using a different formula, To calculate simple interest, the formula used is (PX RX T)/ 100, Where P is the principal amount, R is for the rate of interest and t is for time, The formula for calculating compound interest is PX (1 + r/100) ^t. Distributed law, should be a(b+c)=a*b+a*c, Q6. This is a tough question to answer. You do not want to start the interview with an answer of “Nope, I’m good.” If you cannot come up with any good questions, one that always goes over well is “What do you consider the overall philosophy of the department?”. You may be asked to describe how you handled a bad situation or how you shared your opinion. some oral questions, 2nd mate f.g [navigation] 1.short note on inspires indian ship position and information reporting system 1. mandatory for all indian merchant vessels including coastal and fishing vessels of more than 300 grt.

Can you elaborate? To reach the office at 8 a.m., you should leave home at 7: 30 am. Prepare for the entire interview process. Please publish others questions of such type in maths, Q6. We’re looking at 2 other candidates. Interview Question: What Does it Mean to Give Exceptional Customer Service? Different types of field for maths are Calculus, Algebra, and Fractions.

SAFETY ORAL QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ... 2ND MATE CHECKLIST. To convert a percentage into fraction let say 70% to a fraction, For each number after the decimal point 1 x 10. If the bus conductor issues 50 tickets in 30 minutes, so the number of ticket issues in 8 hr. 2nd mates orals questions set 1. Practice answers that will show employers that you have a professional attitude. Be honest. Required fields are marked *. For example, you have lost 5 pens, and you are left with 10 pens now, to know the total number of pens you had it. The focus of the interview will be to see if you are NOT a good fit for the job, because the initial interview showed the company that you have at minimum the skills and experience necessary to succeed. I use all kinds of maths, but Calculus is major. What is the fraction that remains in the rack? 18) What is a linear equation? Now, the second part is 10 of the boxes are in use which means that the total amount of box left is= 40 – 10 = 30. Your one-stop-shop for job interview preparation. To avoid confusion from where to start the calculation from, you have to follow the BODMAS. You have aced the first interview and were invited to a second interview. A 30 Cup shell requires 45 ft. of wall. Avoid answering any question that reflects negatively on a previous workplace or coworker. If one employee earns $1100 and other earns $500, how much will the third employee earn? A linear equation can be expressed as Ax +By+ Cz+…= D. 19) Give an example where you can use a linear equation in your daily life? on radar it must have a constant speed .and by checking the aspect.. how will You find position if your equipments all failed ? Functions. Second interview questions are different than your first interview. You have aced the first interview and were invited to a second interview. Your email address will not be published. What do think makes you a better choice? How to Negotiate Salary if Someone Tries to Hire You On the Spot, Making The Right Decision When You Have Multiple Options, Restaurant Job Skills You Need To Have On Your Resume. This is why you need to know how to thoroughly prepare for the second interview.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'everydayinterviewtips_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_5',130,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'everydayinterviewtips_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_6',130,'0','1'])); It is not uncommon for second interviews to start by asking if you have formulated questions about the position since the first interview. Cubic Meter is the standard unit used to measure the volume of an object length by length. Pair up your students (preferably so the partners don’t know each other very well).

Congratulations. Second interviews may also cover topics that were addressed in the first interview. You may also be asked questions that you were asked once before. You will be introduced to other staff members. Associative laws say it does not matter how we group the number final value will remain the same, for example, (a+b)+c = (a+b)+c , and same for multiplication, Distributive laws say that we can have the same answer while multiplying a number by a group of numbers added together or multiplying them separately and then add them, For example, a x ( b+c) = axb + axc, Plane Geometry: It is about flat shapes like triangles, lines and circles that can be drawn on a piece of paper, Solid Geometry: It is about three-dimensional objects like cylinders, cubes, prism, and spheres, Then multiply by 100 = 0.44 x 100 = 44.44, Add the “ % “ sign to the answer = 44.44%, Convert 70 % into decimal = 70/ 100 = 0.7, Write down the decimal “over” the number 1 = 0.7/1, Then multiply top and bottom by 10 = 0.7x 10 = 7/10, 1 hectare = 100 meters on each side , so a hectare has 100 m x 100 m = 10,000 m. Please select Surveyor ! 13) How can you convert a percentage to a fraction? That said, consider the following list of some of the more common second interview questions: Again, remember that you are likely to be asked questions of a more technical nature, because the interviewer will want to compare your knowledge to that of the remaining candidates. The best way to be ready for second interview questions is: If you can prepare all of the above information, you will be able to ace your second interview. 8) Explain in a complicated calculation like 8 + (9 x 52 +8) from where you will start calculation? If fire in FPK store during cargo watch. The second interview is about assessing your fit within the company. So here we offer a collection of 117 questions to take with you when you’re interviewing relatives. One of the main challenges in determining which questions you will be asked at your second interview is that many of them are more technical in nature to the job, or may be based on questions they asked at the first interview.

Common Second Interview Questions and Answers Congratulations. To convert a fraction to a percentage, we look into an example for 4/9.

In a given day, 10 boxes of chalk stick are in use. If you are asked to describe how you handled disagreement with a supervisor, have a prepared answer ready which focuses on what you learned from the situation rather than what went wrong.

Expect interviewers to re-ask questions that you could not answer in the first interview. Come prepared with questions to ask everyone that interviews you. 1779. 16) If bus conductor issues 50 tickets in 30 minutes how many tickets can he be able to issues in 8 hrs.? 3) How much space would a 30 Cup shelf require if a 12 shell cupboard requires 18 ft. of wall space? Directorate General of Shipping, EAC Branch ... Chief Mate (F.G) For Written Assessment. It is used to know the unknown variables. Behavioral Interview Questions. The second interview invitation implies that the answers you provided were sufficient for the job opening. Expect interviewers to ask behavioral questions, such as “What would you do if…”. Distributed law, should be a(b+c)=(axb)+(axc), Absolutely nice .. very very useful content… it was quite helpful.. thankyou, ADO.NET Entity Framework Interview Questions, Microsoft OFFICE :- More Interview Questions, Equity Trading & Dealer Interview Questions, Computer System Analyst (Software) Interview Questions, DATA ANALYTICS :- More Interview Questions, Oracle Warehouse Builder Interview Questions, Business Intelligence :- More Interview Quetions, Administrative Assistant Resume & Cover Letter, Manufacturing Production Interview Questions, Top 20 Mathematics Interview Question & Answers, Top 50 Banking Interview Questions & Answers, Top 30 Teacher Interview Questions & Answers, Top 18 Kanban Interview Questions & Answers, Top 33 Investment Banking Interview Questions & Answers, https://career.guru99.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Mathematics.jpg, https://career.guru99.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/logo-300x137.png. Second interviews are more personal than initial interviews. You were asked questions about your experiences and goals.

To know what time you should leave from home, use this equation, t= 20/40 = ½ or half an hour. EXPLAIN ECHO SOUNDER COMPLETE ? Find out how you can beat other job candidates. During the first interview, your skills and knowledge are examined. We help you ace your job interviews. That's why premarital counseling often involves some very common, but important, questions that dive into the heart of a healthy marriage. 3 different goods:u. n. no. In this article, we list common interview questions and answers about conflict and provide some points to remember when answering these questions in an interview. Your Questions in Merchant navy-Answered/ Aapke Sawaloon ka … One of the reasons we wanted to get to know you further was because you said XYZ. In polygons, the angle between any side of the shape and a line extended from the next side is referred as Exterior Angles. They may take a second look at your experiences, but are also likely to show you around the office and watch how you interact with others.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'everydayinterviewtips_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',129,'0','0'])); Click here to start preparing for your next interviews.

1) What are the different classes of maths are and what maths you prefer? Remained/ total = 30/ 40 = 3 / 4 is the fraction remain in the rack. 4) In a staff room, there are four racks with 10 boxes of chalk-stick. You were asked questions about your experiences and goals.

WITH ERRORS ? A line that touches a curve at one point, without passing or cutting across it is referred as a tangent. All the exterior angles of the polygon add up to 360°. Make copies of this page (one for each student). So the conductor can issue 800 tickets for 8 hrs. U.S Visa Interview Questions . It is often quite difficult to come up with great questions on the spot. Employers will try to understand your work habits and workplace personality. To answer this question successfully, assure your interviewer that you are a good listener who can accept opposing views without getting upset. State your action ? How do you deal with conflict? An ordered arrangement of a group of an object is known as Permutation, for example, the permutation of an arrangement of 9 balls different in colors in 3 different rows can be done in 9P3= 504 ways. Examination Center. The unit is written in m3. 12) How can you convert a fraction to a percentage?

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