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Photos used with permission. It makes the city gloriously beautiful and fills the locals with excitement.

Although the main language is now Japanese and the islands are fully integrated as a prefecture and operate within the administrative framework laid out in the post-WWII Japanese Constitution, Okinawa is still very unique, very proud, and pretty much summer all year long. Inc Performers wear traditional obon dance costumes, and chant and sing as they parade through the streets. The song associated with Awa Odori is called Awa Yoshikono and is a localised version of the Edo period popular song Yoshikono Bushi. 2) If you would like to stay few days in Tokushima then book your hotel room in advance.

They do it as a daily basis. Dancers there are happy to perform Awa Odori dancing in front of you. Kiyokawa Hachirō and the Mystery Graves Nobody Cares About. 6) Awa Odori is perfect event to dance, so don’t just look at the performers rather be prepared to have some fun time dancing with them. The bus tour is very economical and you won’t have to wait for the trains which could be very crowded as many tourists from other parts of Japan visit it. All Rights Reserved. Not Bocchi… Summer (Not Alone… Summer). CopyrightⓒFirstScene TOKYO All Rights Reserved. It’s like watching a movie’s credits until the theater lights come on. [ii] Some were cut simply because Japanese record companies had the full versions removed because they’re jerks. The event was planned for May 2015, but was postponed due to concerns of the 3 main Awa Odori dancing associations about the current tense international context. During the Obon season in mid August, many dance festivals are held across Japan and the most exciting one is the Awa Odori of Tokushima city. TOKYO Tower
The big crowd pleaser was the intro: みりん!りさ!ねむ!えい!もが!ピンキー! And if you go to karaoke in Japan, there’s a good chance you’ll hear it emanating from a room almost all year long[vi]. This event will be a first step to promote Awa Odori and the Japanese “matsuri” culture abroad. 8) Buy ticket in advance when you are to see paid stages event.

I’ll just say this outright, I’m not a huge fan of Dempagumi, but I really appreciate what they do. The song features Okinawan instruments, some Okinawan words, and most recognizably, call and response phrases ripped straight from traditional Okinawan festival dances that are still performed today. That’s how good the song is. I honestly believe, you should not miss the daytime events. The history of Awa Odori dates back to 1587 when the feudal lord Hachisuka Iemasa (1558-1638) decided to throw a party in celebration of newly-built Tokushima Castle. Tōkyō Giants’ shortstop and All Star player, Sakamoto Hayato, has this song played in the stadium when he’s up at bat. Seriously.

To me, cicadas and Awa Yoshikono are the official soundtrack of the season. In fact you could be part of it if you want. [x] In Japanese, they use the euphemism 卒業 sotsugyō graduate. There is no special dancing skill requirement when it comes to Awa Odori. Every year the festival is held from August 12 to 15. [v] Of course, I’m joking, but actually, Japanese summer has a lot of connections with death. The dancers are fools, the viewers are the fools, if both are fools, and you might as well have fun dancing. Awa Odori Festival 2020 | Visit Tokushima, 10 Best Japanese Horror Movies of All Time. Otsukare Summer. Awa Yoshikono is the song, sung and chanted by the participants in the parade.

[viii] Which really means “Treasure of the Okinawan People.” Title: metropolis On the other hand, the women turn the palms inward and beautifully move the wrists.

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