how to make a wooden christmas tree

Placing the items on a small scrap of wood helps prevent the pieces from sticking to the surface and makes spraying easier.

1) Measure desired width on first plank of wood, 2) Cut both ends at opposing 25 degree angle, 3) Take first piece and lay against second piece, and mark where cut corners line up, 6) Repeat on consecutive pieces until you reach the top of the tree, 9) Optional: Add another coat or two if desired, 10) Nail pieces to post from bottom to top, 12) Optional: Cut out own star if you do not want to purchase, Get more information about this episode >>, Check more fun DIY projects at the Home & Family Pinterest Page. 12mm x 1800mm length of PAR pine for the branches A larger diameter dowel will require a spade bit to drill the hole. Tape measure and pencil

Scissors Cut the PVC pipe into 10 x 4cm wide sections for the spacers. Draw diagonal lines across the top of the base and drill to a depth of 8cm. You will need the following materials: reclaimed barn wood planks, 1 10-foot tall pressure-treated 4x4 pine post, 1 bundle of pressure-treated pine tree stakes, drill, screws, strands of festival globe lights, C-hooks, 50-foot extension cord, metal tree stand, circular saw, 3-inch wood … You will need:

Take the feet and base outdoors to spray with Rust-Oleum 2X apple red.

TIP: Use mineral turps, acetone or lacquer thinners to wipe off any marking on the pipe before spraying. You could drill holes partly through each 'branch' and put a lollipop in the hole Alcolin spray adhesive Directions .

Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint - Apple Red - Meadow Green - Blossom White

Draw your design and then use a jigsaw and fretsaw blade (thin one) to cut out the design.


Mark out the design you want for the feet. Although they made the same tree design, you will notice that they each made different feet for their Christmas trees. Cut the 12mm PAR pine to varied lengths for the branches. DIY Wooden Christmas Tree - Home & Family, Copyright © 2020 Crown Media Family Networks, all rights reserved. Hold the pine firmly as you will, as it may spin if not held firm. Add some farmhouse charm to your front yard this holiday season with a rustic, wooden Christmas tree.

Share it with us! Place these onto the dowel and take outdoors to spray lightly with Rust-Oleum 2X blossom white. Put down a sheet of newspaper and spray the back of your cut strips with Alcolin spray adhesive. Jigsaw and clean-cut blade

Place the small rectangle on the large slat side of the tree, and leave four inches of the dowel hanging down below it. Drill/Driver and assorted bits

1) Measure desired width on first plank of wood. Did you make this project?

Wrapping paper

25mm PVC pipe for the spacers

And there you have it. 7 years ago Make Your Own Wooden Christmas Tree: Two crafty DIY Divas, Karlien and Elizabeth show you how easy it was to make this beautiful wooden Christmas tree. on Introduction.

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree - Home & Family. on Introduction. 2) Cut both ends at opposing 25 degree angle. 3) Take first piece and lay against second piece, and mark where cut corners line up. Two crafty DIY Divas, Karlien and Elizabeth show you how easy it was to make this beautiful wooden Christmas tree. 4) Using a pencil, mark second piece.

After spraying and letting dry, turn the pieces over to do the other side. You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest! Only spray on light coats and allow to dry between each coat. A strip of masking tape wrapped around the bit will tell you when to stop drilling. An eco-friendly Christmas tree that you can put together in a jiffy and store away year after year. Craft knife. Use the height of the 76 x 76mm PAR pine for the base as a guide.

20mm PAR pine offcuts for the feet

A dash of green added to the rustic pallet tree will make it appear in …

Make an alternative Christmas tree using scraps of wood.

Be sure to position carefully as once it's stuck it cannot be removed.

A height of around 10cm is perfect. Now you can place the wrapping paper onto the feet and press into place. Ken Wingard is giving you a head start on the holidays by showing you how to build your own Christmas tree out of wood. Cut strips of wrapping or scrapbooking paper to fit onto the feet.

76 x 76mm PAR pine offcut for the base You could also use fabric. If you have a 10mm diameter dowel or smaller, you can use a wood bit.

Only spray lightly and leave both the cut strips and the feet until dry to touch. Sand with 180-grit sandpaper so that each foot is nice and smooth - with slightly rounded edges. You also need to lightly spray the bottom of each foot where the wrapping paper will be adhered. Although they made the same tree design, you will notice that they each made different feet for their Christmas trees. Place these on a piece of board to protect your work surface and then drill a hole in the centre of each board. About: Easy and affordable DIY projects and ideas. TOOLS It looks like it would be great for people with limited space! That is cool! 12mm dowel for the support

7 years ago Alternatively, clamp down in place while you drill. Build a Christmas Pallet Tree.

Repeat this process for the branches using Rust-Oleum 2X meadow green.

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