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I couldn’t believe it when Carson said the square we are standing in literally becomes a can of sardines in September.

They will be competing on Plaça Jaume. Too easy! The castellers of Barcelona build a human tower in front of Barcelona's town hall during the city annual festival, La Mercè.

different age groups and backgrounds. As the tour came to an end, I decided to look into watching a team practice somewhere, somehow. times women have been allowed to become “Castellers”, too. Escape the crowds and enjoy hidden gems! I hope Tiki Touring Kiwi isn't making your day too miserable. I’m not one for history, so the walking tour of Barcelona had been a bit of a bore for the first hour. These kids are usually around five or six. If you were sending your kids up there, you clearly needed the money,” Giori says. In the Three more climb atop, place their bare feet on the original three’s shoulders and, likewise, stand tall, arms clasped. This weekend's human-tower displays in Barcelona: 11 and 12 May; This weekend's human-tower displays in Barcelona: 11 and 12 May. I saw one guy getting his sash put on, wholly this goes on tight. During the La Mercé weekend (September 24th) when Barcelona is celebrating their local patron saint in a sequence of festive days you will be able to see the Castellers live. Historians claim the first castells appeared in the southern Catalan town of Valls in 1902. Throughout the 19th century, castells “were more of a circus act,” historian Pablo Giori explains, formed by immigrants from southern regions such as Andalucia, who came to the wealthier north looking for work. They face each other, arms interlocked, hands clutching each others’ forearms. and author Antoni Llena i Font (born in Barcelona in 1943). Suddenly, three bodies are hoisted above the melee. Barcelona Human towers and other Catalan traditions: The Catalan traditions will take place most Saturdays in front of Barcelona’s Cathedral at 7:30 pm from the 9th of May until the 29th of August. People were not Barcelona Tourism Barcelona Hotels Barcelona Bed and Breakfast Barcelona Vacation Rentals Barcelona Vacation Packages Flights to Barcelona Barcelona Restaurants Things to Do in Barcelona Barcelona Shopping Barcelona Travel … Because I’m a good little listener, this is one of many I watched. Carson then guided us through the cobbled streets of the city to a human tower monument. Unlike many cultural traditions, they aren’t a dying as the popularity of castle building only gained momentum in the 1960’s, spreading throughout Catalonia. After hunting around on a few sites, I figured out where I could watch human towers in Barcelona. Also where they are being held and best times to arrive etc.

They apparently obviously practice for hours and hours. There must have been a couple hundred people watching, but the scene was so much more pleasant than the hoards of people five minutes away at Sagrada Familia. After 90 minutes, I’d seen more than enough. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Originally it was a rural cultural phenomenon, but urban mass holidays have lifted it to a new level of grandeur. Must be somewhat hard to breathe but they act as important foot and hand holds. Rivaling groups of so called “colles” started competing in building the highest towers – seven or eight layers was easily possible. clubs like the “Castellers de Barcelona” (founded in 1969).

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So only after the dictator´s This weekend's human-tower displays in Barcelona: 11 and 12 May.

He noticed that the As they scaled the humans, it was incredible how fast they climbed up people. Turns out it’s really easy to see teams of Castellers perform during the summer months! Apparently, there is a minimum age? starting in the 1980s. On the other it also connects people from Over the next 90 minutes, I watched nine human castles start from the ground up. You could see the agony on the faces of this manager, who has to make sure the pinya is solid then no one is in any imminent danger. Here is a list of all the … It is … REUTERS/Albert Gea. Then three more. I’d seen the viral videos of human tower collapses before, but didn’t know much about them. The shirts need to be as tight as possible I guess, like their sash. The second hour got interesting as Carson, an American living in Barcelona & our tour guide, started getting overly excited (in a good way) entering Plaza Sant Jaume. There was no organisation from what I could gather.

The bottom three levels tended to be made up of guys, then there would be girls in the higher levels and finished with the children on top. The tower is massive and was a tribute to the highest human castle completed in public, nine humans high! went to buy cava, the local sparkling wine, and saw a tap. It’s a really special feeling.”. Almost every village boasted two competing castell groups, or colles, funded by the opposing political parties of the day: monarchists and republicans. © 1996-2015 National Geographic Society, © 2015- III edició (Barcelona, 2015) II edició (Tarragona, 2014) I edició (Badalona, 2013) Tots Som Una Colla. Essentially their minders. This monument for the Castellers was created by local artist, sculptor The crowd then applauds once the enxaneta raises four fingers and the dismantling of the tower begins (everyone is still concentrating until the entire human tower is dismantled). The castellers of Barcelona build a human tower in front of Barcelona's town hall during the city annual festival, La Mercè. Three more scale up. A Catalan tradition is building human towers – so called “Castells” which means castle in Catalan language. For a public event with no fenced off areas, it was cool to see the crowd so well behaved and mannered. Unlike many cultural traditions, they aren’t a dying as the popularity of castle building only gained momentum in the 1960’s, spreading throughout Catalonia. Can anybody tell me if there are any Human Towers planned for this weekend [17-20 April]. These human towers, or castells in Catalan, have become a symbol of Catalonia, a region in northeastern Spain vying for greater autonomy. Rivaling groups of so called “colles” started competing … It wasn’t until Franco’s death and the restoration of democracy that castells became the symbol of Catalan identity they are today. Declared a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010, castells are emblematic of distinct Catalan culture and, lately, have cropped up in pro-independence rallies throughout the region—even though most participants, or castellers, claim the practice is apolitical and principally a way of upholding tradition.

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