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Quiz: Can you guess the idol by their birthday? He is strong and cute and adorable and he is a good singer, dancer, and he is super funny. ☆, Bubble Tea☽). He seems like such a sweetheart. His favourite nickname is Meotjaengi ( someone who’s cool ). But then she was promoted to co-host of the main show after the cancellation of After Show. @disqus_o5mnBpHSVZ:disqus

Required fields are marked *. (He was going to rank Rap Monster as the 7th but he changed his mind saying that recently Rap Monster got better-looking). @KProfiles you spelled Taemin wrong in one of the facts. – His favorite foods are pork, duck, chicken, fruit, and kimchi jjigae.

If u look carefully their followers and following u will find only their members and no one else. Kpop – Who wore it better? We provide you with the latest Korean news. Park is famous South Korean Dancer as well as a Singer who was born on 13th October 1995, in Busan, South Korea. Man if only guys where I lived were like him. He said that comic books influenced him a lot. Proudly powered by WordPress He is popular by his stage name Jimin and his real name is Park Jimin. – If music is playing he will start to dance no matter where he is. He lost weight because he want to look more manlier Here Are the Details of His... Full Profile of Seventeen Members (Name, Birthday, Age, Religion, Height and Weight).

JOAH! Not only did she post selfies, there were also some photos of her pet, belongings, and friends. Jimin’s new favorite color is purple! BTS‘s Jimin has a talent for making heads spin with his chameleon-like visuals. My goal is meet u one day n let u know how much i like u n love u n i prey to god for this everyday . he is perfect, i love everything about jimin.. he’s already perfect. Quiz: Can you guess the group by 3 B-Sides? This is so outdated. Kpop Ships – Jimin is close friends with SHINee’s Teamin, EXO’s Kai, VIXX’s Ravi, Wanna One’s Sungwon and HOTSHOT’s Timoteo. Sitemap

Your email address will not be published. In a recent interview, he had to stop and think about it! Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. – Jimin usually solves his problems himself. Disclaimer That’s so weird,but I can’t judge, I like his abs. Despite being so successful at a young age, Jimin is also widely known as a down-to-earth and friendly person both in real life and on the social medias that she personally owns.

Do You Wanna Know How Much Dok2 Earns? – He felt a bit hurt when Jungkook ranked him the last in terms of looks. Jimin facts: ARMYs all around the globe have been organizing projects to celebrate Jimin’s birthday. Jimin is such a cutie pie and I love how BTS can turn straight guys gay 24/7 any day of the week. – Jimin’s family conists of: Dad, mom, younger brother He is popular by his stage name Jimin and his real name is Park Jimin. Here are the possible contact details about Jimin. – Jimin was ranked 64th in the “Top 100 Handsome Faces of 2017”. yeah because vixx’s ravi is only close to kai and taemin(he has other friends but kai and taemin are the closest). Real Name: Park Ji Min (박지민) – He prefers a sunny and cool weather. He was the topper student. – Jimin’s role models are Rain, Taeyang (Bigbang) and Chris Brown. Contact Us, He's among my favorite members in BTS, but not my bias, He is among my least favorite members in BTS. We couldn’t find any kind of Phone Number. Then not long after that the position got filled by her labelmate, DAY6’s Jae Park. – His favorite colors are blue and black. 1. Cute, adorable, and he’s always sparkling. Do You Want To Contact Jimin, Do You Want Talk To Him, Do You Want To Invite him In The Event/Function?

The illustrator has already created a bunch of masterpieces with the BTS star as his subject. Can’t refuse requests because he’s too nice.” Jimin BTS Profile | Contact details (Phone number, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). Now, a famous Korean illustrator is joining the festivities. These are the screens hots I have kept.

;-; I feel you Jimin.

And he wants someone shorter than him…I know someone…me. conversely, “Good fortune” from the collection Love Yourself: Her discharged in 2017 was delicate and exotic, disentangling the delight, conviction, and interest of love. Other members about Jimin:

– V: “Cute. Kpop Boy Group Profiles Park is famous South Korean Dancer as well as a Singer who was born on 13th October 1995, in Busan, South Korea. Requirements for Jimin’s happiness are Love, Money and Stage. In this Page, you can see Vine videos of JIMIN and 1.7k fans are following. (Watch the clip here). – His nickname is Mang-gae rice cake.

However there personal accounts are not public yet. Looks like she’s got the talent for making photos look aesthetically pleasing.

I am into drawing dancing and video games too!!!! Most of the time when J-Hope ‘beats him up’ is when he is feeling down, and it makes him feel better. Jimin, in particular, snatched a lot of hearts that his full name “Park Jimin” quickly trended on the platform. If you are availing of the contact number of Jimin then you might be a great fan of this Model or you are looking for seeking help from his charitable trust. His favourite karaoke song is Taeyang ‘Naman Barabwa’ because in the past, he had a one-sided love. “Hey BTS stans, who is the one in the Gucci bomber jacket?” one asked. Kpop Facts The Popular singer has a fan page on Vine. Jimin was born on October 13, 1995 in Geumjeong District, Busan, South Korea.

Browse; Paid ... Get notified when Instagram Park Jimin #Seriebts 5 is updated. – Jimin has black belt in taekwondo. His family incorporates mother, father, and a more youthful sibling. I also can tell a lot more info, if you want. Then again I don’t have a chance with Jimin, too young for his taste…(is 15), My ultimate bias for lifeu!!!!!!!!!.

And when Jungkook talked about his wishes, Jimin shouted: “Live happily together with me!” -MCD Backstage 140425- Find Out About APINK’s Chorong’s Diet Tips and the Truth About Her Plastic Surgery... Full Profile of Speed Members (Age, Birthday, Height, and Facts), BTS Member’s Profile (Names, Birthdays, Religion, Height etc) and Facts, Full Profile of BLACKPINK Members (Real Name, Age, Height and Weight), Before and After Blackpink Member’s Plastic Surgery. The Korean artist also shared a video of the impressive details of the painting on his InstaStory. The melody “Falsehood” was discharged in 2016 in the collection Wings. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G !!! Quiz: Can you guess the song that belongs to each album? She has done several radio programs as well. , My ulti is Jimin! He feels really bad for kicking his members during ‘No More Dream’ performance. Her Official Personal Twitter : @jiminpark07. They have a group channel on social media and shares all the tweets though this.

(Knowing Brother) When he passed the tryouts in 2012, he moved to Korean Arts High School, graduating in 2014.

Jimin Profile | Contact details (Phone number, Email, Instagram, Twitter), Roman Atwood Profile | Contact details (Phone number, Email, Instagram, YouTube), Joseline Hernandez Profile | Contact details (Phone number, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). You may also like: Quiz: How well do you know Jimin? (Knowing Brother ep 94) It was depicted as staggering and sensational, passing on dull connotations and feelings that mirrored the general idea of the album.

Instagram Park Jimin #Seriebts 5 56.2K 1.8K 63 Real_PJM te ha comenzado a seguir Real_PJM le ha gustado Real_PJM ha comentado tu foto No copias Ni adaptaciónes Gracias por leer – Jimin is ranked 25th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”. Jimin is as of now enlisted at Global Cyber University. 4. Height: 173.6cm (5’8.3″) (He said it with Jin in their video in V live app form Dec.) Jimin is getting a lot of love in his birth month. Jimin created an instagram account on November 2010 at around the same time as her twitter account. (Profile written by Jimin) Jimin is amazing, and only it’s only one percent of people who haten so you don’t need to worry about it. For more, find out what happened when GOT7‘s BamBam tried the same age filter., After I saw him dancing in Blood Sweat and Tears, my world turned into paradise <3 #JiminIsLove Saranghaeyo Oppa. Even though the month just began, there are already over 120 birthday projects dedicated to the BTS star. – Pre-debut Jimin entered Busan High School of Arts as the top student in modern dance, but later transferred to Korea Arts High School with V.

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