recapping never say never again

Farewell, Fatima Blush. Buh-doom-boom. Finally, Bond goes to free the captive. He hits the Rocket Button again, and goes flying across a marina. Cut to footage of Bond’s mansion assault on a video screen.

With Sean Connery, Kim Basinger, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Max von Sydow. In fact, Never Say Never Again is the primary reason Roger Moore came back to make that film. Bond quips that Largo could “run a small government from here.” But Largo corrects him. Did Deepak Chopra do an uncredited rewrite? She yells at him again to shut up and says, “I am the best!” Bond just humors her, saying he’s going to put her in his “memoirs” as “number one”. He finally gets suspicious, and puts his apple down by impaling it on a golden statue of a Hindu goddess (Kali?). And too many dry martinis!” Bond thinks for a moment, then says he’ll have to cut out white bread. All Rights Reserved. And so begins a high-speed chase down winding roads, as Bond’s souped-up Yamaha tries to overtake Fatima’s red R5 Turbo. Full Cast and Crew

Being the crazy lady that she is, she silences him with, “You know that making love to Fatima was the greatest pleasure of your life!” Bond, never one to let a gun in his face get in the way of a good one-liner, quips, “Well, to be perfectly honest, there was this girl in Philadelphia…” Someone give that man a rimshot! Meanwhile, the movie’s theme song plays, and it’s a pretty dated ‘80s light jazz tune produced by Herb Alpert and Sérgio Mendes, with lots of synthesizers, wailing bluesy guitars, and slap bass. A large truck and a few cars block the path, and the two drivers who were chasing him get out, wielding a crowbar and a chain. As he moves in for the kiss, Domino asks what reason number two is, and it’s “Because I always wanted to.” You know, ever since he first saw her, two days ago. Largo simply chuckles and says he has work to do, and “time is money”. He makes quick work of the guy with a little Bond-fu. Bond just kind of groans. Sydow is also carrying around a white Angora cat, so you can probably guess that he’s this movie’s Blofeld. Finally, a guy with an actual gun comes along, and motions for Bond to drive up a ramp and into the truck’s trailer. Bond takes off his scuba tank and goggles, and climbs a ladder.

| Fatima walks down the stairs, being the crazy lady she is the whole way down, dancing and throwing her hat away and shaking her hair and humming to herself. Largo says this is his “retreat” where he can “escape and enjoy all my treasures.” And on this line, he gives Domino a creepy perv look, just because it’s been a while since he did that.

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