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], ayy I wanna touch you everywhere, ayy Real freak, she a Sag’, I’m a Scorpio I go gentleBaby girl like it more when it’s lit doeI like when a shawty give mentalReal freak she SAG Imma scorpioWant to dip want to glide inside uAnd she kno it stretch out like limoAnd u kno I got a fetish for them toesAnd I needem right now what u waitin forSo sweet like cheerioAnd u kno, whole lotta women my scenarioMy aka lil daddyTattoo my name you kan have meI got the steppers in the back seatIma rapper when I’m in it athleteI have you running like a track meetI have you giving up the addy.The way she busting it, touching it.Rubbing it Loving It eww you nastyAy look you’ve been invitedGangsta party get excited it’s sum thottiesSo erotic can u ride itBody count what’s the mileageA1 draped up, Hennessy red cupAss down face up, that’s the way she like toShow your freaky side from behind on all foursFeed my appetite then make me want moreI know you like joy riding on meGirl don’t be joy riding on meYea yeaI know you ain’t finished yetWe ain’t even move from the floor to the bedGotta back up every word you saidPut my tongue between your legsBaby please excuse my handsI wanna touch you everywhereAye, I’m a bachelorLookin for a partnerKeep makin it easyYou gon get me harder (woo)I’ll do anything to swim in your waterGivin you them backstrokesGirl do what daddy taught yaShow your freaky side from behind on all foursFeed my appetite then make me want more I know you like joy riding on meGirl don’t be joy riding on meYea yeaOh yea?Hit it from the back we slow danceHit it from the front we hold handsShe get on top and pole danceWe don’t even kiss no romanceWe don’t even date we klose friendsHit it to some rap and some slow jamsGot her like damn damn damnAss downHit it from the backHit it from the frontDrapped up Hennessy red cupHit it from back, back back back backAss down face up, that’s why the way she like toShow your freaky side from behind on all foursFeed my appetite then make me want moreI know you like joy riding on meGirl don’t be joy riding on meEa yea. Baby, light a mow when it’s lit, though, I like when shawty get mental Ooh, you nasty, Ayy, ayy, you been invited

And you know I got a fetish for them toes

I had you givin’ up the addy

Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme, Pack Loud Lyrics – Wiz Khalifa ft. French Montana & Travis Scott, Blood Walk Lyrics – YG & D3szn ft. Lil Wayne. Chris Brown & Tyga) Total views: 11 times this week. Required fields are marked *. no netendo I hit the g spot make it tickle Yg 400 a nympho I like real ass with dimples Rodeo Lyrics By YG.

I’m a rapper, one minute I’m an athlete Ass down, face up, that’s the way she like it, Show your freaky side, from behind on all fours Girl, if you would show how things are now, Oh, yeah Giving you them backstrokes And you know whole lot of women watch my video, My AKA Lil’ Daddy

I had you bustin’ it, touchin’ it, wobblin’ it, lovin’ it Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Yeah Yeah I’ll hit it in the back of the benzo Won’t play games witchu. Artist/Singer: YG ft. Tyga & Chris BrownSongwriter: Stanley Richardson, DJ Swish, Quincy Jones, Michael Ross, Tyga, Luke, Leon Ware, David Hobbs, Chris Wong Won, Chris Brown, Bruce Fisher & YGAlbum/Movie: My Life 4HunnidLabel: Def Jam Recordings, Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahUh, uh, uh, uh, uhYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I hit it in the back of the BenzoWon’t play game with you, no NintendoI hit the G-spot, make it tickleYG, 400, he a nympho, I like real ass with the dimplesShe got pride, lil’ hottie tell you “N-O”I took it slow, I go gentleBaby like it more when it’s lit, though (Yeah), I like when shawty give mentalReal freak, she a Sag’, I’m a ScorpioWanna dip, wanna glidе inside youAnd she know it stretch out likе limoAnd you know I got a fetish for them toesAnd I need ’em right now, what you waitin’ for?So sweet like CheerioAnd you know whole lot of women my scenario (Uh), My AKA: “Lil’ Daddy”Tattoo my name, you can have meI got the steppers in the backseatI’m a rapper, when I’m in it, I’m an athlete, I had you runnin’ like a track meetI had you givin’ up the addyI had you bustin’ it, touchin’ it, rubbin’ it, lovin’ itOoh, you nasty.

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