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Find out how The Art Newspaper’s content platforms can help you reach an informed, influential body of collectors, cultural and creative professionals. The movement has already started to topple confederate monuments and racist policing practices in several states. The Art Newspaper is the journal of record for the visual arts world, covering international news and events. Enter Now! We know that given the Democratic Party’s current standard bearers — to many, electoral politics may seem less vital and even divorced from the powerful uprising happening on the streets, but with the right investments in grassroots organizations, we will not only defeat Donald Trump and his GOP enablers but also strengthen the long term movement to dismantle America’s deep-rooted racist policies and systems. Based in London and New York, the English-language publication is part of … Was it our parents’ memory of large scale violence and overwhelming refugee crises that brought them to the march that day? The initiative’s approach of relational voter turnout has consistently proven to be the single most effective intervention to increase participation particularly in previously disenfranchised communities.

He was miraculously saved by a stranger who persuaded him to leave the train during a stop — a train in which all Muslim passengers were killed by the time it had reached the next station. Anoka Faruqee is an artist and educator who co-directs the Painting/Printmaking program at the Yale School of Art. Join us in supporting Walk the Walk 2020, a fundraising initiative to resource grassroots community organizations who are building electoral power in Black and Latinx communities in eight battleground states — Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida, and now Arizona, Ohio and Texas. The community is still here and we can work together to rebuild.” In Washington DC, a man sheltered nearly 70 protesters fleeing arrest overnight after military police had teargassed and dispersed a peaceful protest in front of the White House. Our father says that the day the letter arrived from our grandfather may have been the most significant day of his life. UPDATE: Walk the Walk 2020 has met the fundraising goals for all 12 of our incredible candidates, but they still urgently need volunteer help with phone-banking!. Breast cancer charity walking marathons from the London MoonWalk to Iceland, you choose your distance and unit with us. We tell our own children, ages 5, 10, and 15, that we are working for justice. Walk the Walk 2020 is a data driven initiative working to turn out voters in battleground states, and support voters who have historically been disenfranchised. Walk a Marathon or Half Marathon at The MoonWalk London, a charity marathon through the streets of London. So, what the heck is NASA good for anyway? These groups are working in specific districts in battleground states where there are “nested” elections up and down the ballot that will greatly affect our democracy (Senate, House, and State legislatures). Explore all charity challenges we have. As parents, we have been witness to horrific extra-judicial police murders of Black people and the separation and caging of refugee children.

For more information, contact info@theartnewspaper.com. Our grandfather took shelter in a refugee camp, while our then 11-year-old father walked several miles every day for over a month to the post office, hoping for a letter. There have been protests in all 50 states from small rural towns, to suburbs to large cities. Instead, Walk the Walk 2020 supports organizations that are: Structural forces have decimated our public institutions of education, healthcare, and democracy itself, so now is our chance to utilize all of the democratic pathways that are still available to us. Further, the right to vote is under significant threat, as we continue to receive reports of rampant voter suppression and disenfranchisement, especially within Black and Latinx communities. Pass a new Voting Rights Act that expands the electorate and protects access to the ballot for Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Asian/ Pacific Islander citizens

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