what happened to veronica's parents in riverdale

In Season 3, the two decided to divorce. Type of Hero The two of them got closer and had a passionate make-out session in his car. Though, Veronica reminded Betty that while Archie may not like her, he does love her, and sometimes a friend is better than a boyfriend, so her mom would tell her. }; Veronica felt that if she could make Ethel's life even a little bit better, then that's what she was going to do. The judge was even inclined to give him a break, amounting in time served or just a few more months, if that. Realizing that she was trying to end her life, the four of them headed to where Cheryl saw Jason last, at Sweetwater River, where Cheryl pounded on the thick layer of ice, hoping to break it. Veronica, Archie, and Jughead joined Betty and Polly as they awaited the arrival of the Blossoms. She's okay if Betty never wanted to talk to her again, but Veronica was curious as to why Betty was so frustrated with Archie, and just then they were interrupted by Cheryl, who Betty offered Veronica's other hers-and-hers mani-pedis. At that moment, Betty outed her mother in putting Veronica and Archie up to the breaking and entering of the trailer, something that Hermione, Fred, and Mary were completely unaware of. IntelligenceVast WealthExpert SingerExpert DancerBilingualism Regrettably, they were caught by Betty as they were talking to Mrs. Cooper at the dance, however, with their performance coming up, they didn't have time to explain. In some ways, the rift between the parents on Riverdale and their children could be read as a reflection of the much discussed divide between the baby boomers and millennials in real life. Some of the storylines are quite impossible, especially taking into account a character's age or past. It’s no secret that there is no love lost between Hiram and Hermione Lodge (Marisol Nichols). The CW/Riverdale via RiverdaleSource. While Alice had not accepted their invitation, Veronica did inform Polly that she had been invited, and then right before her very eyes, Polly announced Betty as the child's godmother, and so Veronica was thrilled for her. We then found out that the entire fight, including Archie’s weakness, was all part of a setup plot to take down Hiram. Well, it's her half-sister, actually, as Nichols pointed out Hermosa is not Hermione's daughter at the latest panel. Hiram LodgeChuck Clayton (formerly)Clifford Blossom †Hal Cooper/The Black Hood †Nick St. ClairSheriff MinettaPenny PeabodyWarden Norton †Gladys Jones n.callMethod ? (function () { Veronica recalled that Archie was looking at Betty and Jughead longingly, back when they were at South Side High. So, What Does This Mean for Actor Cole Sprouse? If Cheryl wanted to get caught in that back-draft, all she had to do was refer to any of them as sluts one more time. Hermione wasn't entirely sure if Hiram was involved or not, but regardless of that, they were known associates of the man currently being accused of killing Jason, so either way, they need to be ready to run away, which Veronica opposed as it made them look guilty. During confrontations, Veronica is not afraid to fight back and show her ruthless side, especially if it involves her friends and family. Once she and her mother returned home, Hermione broke down and began hysterically crying as Veronica held her close. However, this all changed when her father was convicted of fraud and embezzlement. Though Betty initially accepted Veronica's apology, she seemed to have changed her mind following the incident at lunch, as she struggled to forgive Veronica for what she had done. For all the nonsense that is written about both generations, we think it’s fair to say there are definitely “communication problems”, and Riverdale plays heavily on that.

The three of them sat down with Archie, and insisted that he play them a song to lighten the mood, which he did beautifully, but, it was too much for Betty to bare, so she ran off in tears. Now fans know for sure that Hermosa is Veronica's half-sister that she never knew about, so maybe bringing Hermosa to town was the master plan Hiram hinted at in the Season 3 finale. The next day, Veronica gifted Ethel with expensive clothing and jewelry, the items she was giving to Ethel were first given to her by her father, he would bring home gifts in effort to make up for misdeeds, she even still wore the pearls he gave her. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}), Main Riverdale character, Veronica Lodge, is intelligent, confident, and always trying to catch her parents in the act of deceit against the residents of Riverdale that she cares for most.

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