where does joe hockey live

Yes, the government moving out of the welfare and proving health, and education fields. As each day passes he comes across as more belligerent, more stubborn, and more aloof . Dont blame Joe, its just that he has never meet anyone poor (unwealthy) He didnt know that we could actually drive a car and that even poor peoples cars use petrol. If you start low – you can’t put it up any higher. Active cases of the coronavirus in Victoria have skyrocketed by more than 2000 per cent in less than a month. Michael, there has been a great rise, over the last few years in homeless. You have just vilified me. Hockey proves once again, just how out of touch with reality he really is… His ‘care’ for those people most at risk in our Community hopefully will not be forgotten by the voters at the next election. ONLY an analogy …. I cannot shake the notion that this man is between a rock and a hard place. There was another comment on another thread, also trolling for a response. Whenever the right throw back to Labor on anything to do with this government, and you see this in spades on social media, then you know with certainty this government is failing. will be chucked out next election. Yes, the aim is to lower taxes, especially that of the rich and corporations to a low a level as possible. But when did people start thinking that any politician, is aware of the reality of life as a citizen? Hockey, I’m afraid, is typical of the modern Liberal politician. But don’t worry, the Govt will name a day of the year after you, and move on with there own superannuation fattening at our expense.

We are therefore protected by 18c. Howard was by a long shot the worst ever. I’m tired of his lies, his ignorance, and the sight of his stupid face in the media. etc….. just might – in the moment – believe them. Have they ever searched down the back of the lounge or under the edges of the carpet to send their kids to school. Please dont assume all homeless are unemployed ! How did go so bad so quickly? ”. And a disgrace to this nation. Joseph Benedict Hockey (born 2 August 1965) is a former Australian politician, the Member of Parliament for North Sydney from 1996 until 2015. What has occurred over this time, a big drop in the purchasing power of New Start, Indexing changes has meant, it has not risen in line with other benefits. Yet you’re offended over a tweet though: a tweet that spells out the bleeding obvious. On that score ” Joe Hockey – you are a disgrace —– to yourself. “The credit crunch in 1974 brought Richard’s prosperous property business to its knees, and he blamed Gough Whitlam for the macro environment. His outward portrayal of himself is of a puffed up elitist, is quite a spin around from the avuncular Joe of Sunrise on television. I find it shameful and offensive having to witness you LIEberals sowing the seeds of an ever growing underclass within australian society , the likes of of which has not been seen since the horrid days of Thatcher’s britain. It’s typical egocentric, if you cannot do what I did then you deserve punishment. People could die. The other gripe I have with the system, is that of needing a certificate to just take a crap. It’s not as if it hasn’t happened before and it’s not as if people haven’t been found to be enjoying their power and the opportunities it gives for perverted pleasures. Even in civil practice, they profit from others hardship.

Just rental is difficult enough for people with a reasonable income … let alone those without. And rent is utterly prohibitive these days. It is a sad reality that some jobless, homeless, penniless people die. Celebrity Once you lose your home, it is hard to amass the money top get back into a over priced rental market. Now … you can have a go at me – call me paranoid, delusional, half-baked, a conspiracy theorist – anything you like. No site entry until you sit the site safety seminar for two days, but I just want to change your light bulbs? Sorry, Treasurer, but your tax figures are a long way wide of the mark. Don’t feed the child aravis1 – I have notified the moderators via the ‘Contact Us’ menu item. If he’s not deliberately putting out incorrect data and stuffing up the counting then he has to be by far the second worst Treasurer Australia has seen. That you should only now stop to listen, and in response spew forth the shock and horror of being offended at the cold hard truth, is behaviour I find difficult to comprehend.

Whichever way we cut it … this current mob has to go – somewhere. Thankfully, the numbers are small. An election campaign by Murdoch media based on nothing but lies and scare mongering. The life situation of this poor young couple was also tragic. Will they become the new poor, relying on affordable rental housing that does not exist, even now. News Thanks Kaye for removing that comment, It wasn’t worth recognition in any form….

Required fields are marked *. Losing ones job, can and often does, lead to one losing all the have amass, even over years. He finds wind power offensive. you can’t be a bar girl, without first aid, and a RSA certificate.. This one has been spectacular to watch. I’m not sure if that one is gone too…, Your email address will not be published. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/business/abbott-forced-to-scale-back-paid-parental-leave-to-exclude-women-earning-more-than-150000-a-year/story-fni0cms4-1227147386108.

Harmer was correct in her twitter message. The American colonial style house was the primary base of Australian diplomacy in Washington until the first embassy building was bought in 1946. I find it shameful and offensive that our political system allows an incompassionate , sociopathic and compulsive liar such as yourself to masquerade as ” treasurer ” and defrauding the australian people every time you draw your parliamentary salary and other over generous perks. ( and God knows I hope I am wrong )…… this vile excuse for a Government might be doing. His family and vocation make sure of that. Unauthorised reproduction is prohibited under the laws of Australia and by international treaty. I would get NONE. It’s gone a bit beyond predictions in Britain Michael. Not sure who the rich sell their goods to. Vexatious…, “Djab Wurrung women are in an abusive relationship with Victoria’s government.” Sissy…, The catalyst for writing this post was a political video of an…, Scott Morrison played on the general ignorance, as regards politics, of many…, By Denis Bright  After some serious electoral tussles, the government of Premier Palaszczuk…, The farmhand held the burly sheep tightly by its head and rump.…, Listening to the results come in from the Queensland election, I was…, Whatever stance taken by followers of the British Labour Party on the…. Let’s go a little further and suggest that a certain pleasure can be had from persecuting the marginalised in our society. Now – before anyone jumps on those analogies – and relates it to any other article previously ever published here — I have chosen this way to highlight what I think …. There has hot been any obvious reasons why this is so. There are no savings to carry one over. I so hope and pray that my chilling thoughts are utterly WRONG. They have been predicting the same social destruction echoed by Wendy. until there is a forced election, or … for the next ( ugh ) 2 + ? Suck it up Joe – you have NO right to be offended….remember? Same if one needs to borrow. There’s them what’s got it and them’s that ain’t. Treasurers are a particular breed. I dunno about a class act but there are grounds for a class action against this government for their negligent attack on our current and future way of life. Same thing counts, when the likes of Pyne cannot see, what loading our young with debt fro their education.

Victoria could regret not enforcing a harsher lockdown, one expert says.

Coke/Amital is still making a profit @ 20 cents, or they wouldn’t sell it there. After all, look at who she chose to be the father and role model for her children. Also the guidelines to obtain it, have been tightened.. Could this be the cause of the rise in homeless. Most, even on comes that come from a degree, struggle to get that deposit on the home, and the ability to pay it back. All that expensive private education, and it did not help Smokin Joe jot, he cannot count, he talks in riddles, Looks like his parents wasted a whole lot of money as I see it, maybe that’s where he learnt his smoking habits though, private education failed the goose of gooses or did Joe fail the private education I am guessing yes, not good advertising for expensive private schools, they would be cringing toooooo every time he flaps those jaws…, The afr sure knows how to penetrate to the real man….or not. Unemployment, I believe has been steady., They say there is a droop in alcohol use. Right up there with real estate agents, producers of nothing. Most decent people – upon hearing of these tragic deaths – would have in all likelihood been deeply saddened. To combat insurance prices, risk assessments, installation of safety equipment, stop work and wait, setting up safety equipment that takes 8 hours ( for a 1 hour job), all this BULL, halts production. If someone cannot afford to rent, they can’t pay the rent and repay the loan at the same time. Frankly, I would like to test the case. He believes schools and more businesses should be closed in the state. Jules no one in this government seems to know how precarious one life at the bottom can be. “You are without class” ?????? He was the Treasurer of Australia in the Abbott Government from 18 September 2013 until September 2015 when he resigned from Cabinet, having refused an alternative offer from the incoming Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. Or to have such an enormous amount of ignorance. and the adversity that Joe’s parents faced as he is so fond of bringing up…. An asymptomatic superspreader who did everything right when she came back from overseas still managed to cause a huge cluster in her tower block.

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