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She’s tempted to go to him but chooses not to. Behind the Story S2: Episode 4: Only Devils Left, 112. We learn where John’s grit and determination to keep every inch of his ranch came from. Kayce asks where they’re headquartered and Teal reveals their base camp location. In fact, Rip replied, “I can’t think of a better day for it, sir.” I was sure poor Rip was toast, but he survived the ensuing gunfight.

‘IT’S ALWAYS THE INNOCENT WHO PAY MOST DEARLY FOR THE THINGS WE MEN DO’ | After Haskell reported to John that Tate wasn’t with Malcolm, the rancher phoned Rainwater to warn him to lay low.

We learn where John’s grit and determination to keep every inch of his ranch came from. (Shudder.).

“Maybe so,” replies Rip.

Beth reads the document but won’t tell Jamie what it says. And oh yes, she would. Kayce even admits he doesn’t understand what’s going on. When he says he loves his son, John replies, “It only took 90 years.”. As “Sins of the Father” drew to a close, the sheriff and Kayce raided the white supremacist’s hovel and rescued a completely-traumatized Tate. “I always have.” When Jamie asked her what it said, she replied, “None of your f—ing business.” Did you expect her to say anything but that, Jamie? “Don’t worry, dad. If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our weekly newsletter. Dan (Danny Huston) refills his glass of wine, unaware there are killers lurking just outside his front door. John is going to keep his word and call for a chopper, but Malcolm realizes he’s not going to make it. Rip smiles and says, “He called me his son.” “Yeah, babe, he sure did,” says Beth, gently. Multiple sheriffs working with the Livestock Agents break down the door and take out the Nazi-loving white supremacists holding Tate. 07/18/2019. Donnie agrees but warns John that in order for this to look legit, John will have to get a warrant based on what happened to his cattle.

Teal finally admits his brother used the Montana Free Militia to handle the kidnapping. And though Kayce hated to deny the dying man’s wish not to croak on the john, “I promised my wife I’d kill you,” he noted. His breathing is still rough as he attempts to maintain his composure.

I could have used another three or four episodes to answer some lingering relationship questions, but this 10 episode season certainly delivered on season one’s promises. And “all a man has is his word.” Aaand that was the end of Teal. “I know who loves me.

Paramount Tonight is the tenth episode of Yellowstone Season 2 on the Paramount Network. John’s handling the situation outside when a man approaches.

“There’s a lotta stuff I can shoot before you die,” Kayce noted.

June 16, 2019.

Behind the Story S2: Episode 2: New Beginnings, 108.

“On this,” he made plain, “I stand with you.” That taken care of, John gave the go-ahead for Kayce to enter the Becks’ place, where he… holy (literal) crap! He did manage to take the man down before being shot. “Well, if you want some company, you let me know,” he said.

Kayce’s concerned pistols can’t pierce armor and the man assures him he won’t be aiming at their chests. Rip asks Beth to read the letter once again. John tells him to stop and when he doesn’t, he shoots him. Sheriff Haskell lets them continue on their way and Malcolm immediate calls his brother and warns him to get out of the house, explaining the Sheriff is no longer on their side. He then takes Teal’s gun and fires it a few times before dropping it by the dead body slumped on the toilet.

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Not far down the road, sirens go off behind Malcolm’s car. I have every right. “I promise.” With that, the plan was underway. A third assailant stands just feet away and shoots Dan without pause. Flash-forward to current events at the ranch, and John acknowledges to Rip (Cole Hauser) his life’s been a series of losing things he loves. He calls in that all’s quiet and is immediately shot dead in the driver’s seat of his car upon hanging up. Kayce arrives at Malcolm’s house and the one remaining sheriff stationed outside asks for his warrant. “if you want some company, let me know,” says Rip. He coughs up blood and draws his last breath. As Dan is lying on the ground struggling to live, he whispers to himself, “I have every right to be here. All Rights Reserved – Showbiz Junkies 2020, Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: “Sins of the Father”, Music Artists – Album Details, Biographies and News, Celebrity Interviews – Actors, Writers and Directors, Celebrity Charities, Biographies, and Info, Recap of Season 1 Episode 2 “Kill the Messenger”, Recap of Season 1 Episode 3 “No Good Horses”, Recap of Season 1 Episode 4 “The Long Black Train”, Recap of Season 1 Episode 6 “The Remembering”, Recap of Season 1 Episode 7 “A Monster Among Us”, Recap of Season 1 Episode 8 “The Unravelling: Part 1”, Joker Starring Joaquin Phoenix Releases a Crazy Final Trailer, The Aeronauts Official Trailer: Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones Reunite for a High-Flying Adventure, ‘Transplant’ Season 1 Episode 8 Photos: Preview of “Birth and Rebirth”, ‘Fargo’ Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: “Lay Away”, ‘The Spanish Princess’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: “The Other Woman”, Taraji P. Henson Will Host the ‘2020 American Music Awards’, BTS to Perform “Life Goes On” During the ‘American Music Awards’, ‘Fargo’ Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: “Camp Elegance”, ‘The Spanish Princess’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: “Grief”, ‘The Outpost’ Season 3 Episode 4 Photos: Preview of “The Key to Paradise”. He quietly cries and Beth, she of the ever-present acid-tongue, contains herself and only says, “Well I guess there’s no accounting for taste, but I guess it’s the thought that counts.”. Kayce inspects a nearby room and then asks if the man knows where his son is. As soon as John had said paperwork in hand, Kayce reassured Monica that he would get back their son. The letter reveals that John recently had an epiphany. Kayce heads over to Rip’s new place and explains Tate’s with the militia. Yellowstone’s John knew that his plan to rescue grandson Tate from the Beck brothers was crazier than a steer with mad-cow disease. Beth catches up with Rip while he’s feeding the horses.

With Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley. Dan’s able to grab a gun before hiding in a kitchen closet. Sheriff Donnie Haskell (Hugh Dillon) arrives at Dan Jenkins’ place which is already set up as a crime scene. Episode 10 airs on Paramount Network, Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at … Tonight’s finale brings Season 2 to a dramatic close.

If you’d rather watch first, read later, git along, little dogies.

He stops and informs the officers standing guard at his gate that his brother’s still inside. “I know who loves me, I know who’s loyal,” he told her.

Fortunately, he’s on alert and spots an intruder who’s just entered his house.

During war they’d use an armored vehicle for the job. ... About Yellowstone Season 2. However, Thomas has made his own plans. He then climbs to the second-floor bedrooms and encounters Teal Beck (Terry Serpico) sitting on the toilet. Malcolm cusses him out and even threatens his unborn children. Two squad cars pull him over and one of the officers is Sheriff Haskell.

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