Translation Rules and Practice


As an experienced and professional company of translation in Afghanistan, Afghan Writer initiated “Afghan Writer Institute of Translation and Languages” in 2016. Since the time of initiation Afghan Writer tried to develop inclusive and effective translator-training manuals in Pashto and Dari. The manual was printed in 2016 and amended since then. Currently, AWITL teaches this manual and this project will help Afghan Writer to develop a comprehensive advanced level curriculum for translator-training that will not only help AWITL but the whole education system in Afghanistan.


For better monitoring and evaluation, 2 weeks for Mid-term and 2 weeks for the final exam will be set aside.


  • Those who missed the 84 hours, of course, will not be able to receive the certificate
  • Those who do not receive at least 65% of total marks will not be eligible to receive the certificate.
  • Accredited and Credible Certification, (The certificates are not just for graduation. These certificates in Translation would help translators find jobs locally, as well as outside of the country in Dari and Pashto translation).


After the successful completion of the program, Afghan Writer will prepare certificates for the students. The certificates will be signed and stamped by the Ministry of Information and Culture, Ministry of Education and Academy of Science. Holding such certificates, the students will be able to easily find jobs inside and outside the country.  The certificate will show what the major courses were imparted to the relevant students and what were their grades and percentages.


In the end, the Afghan Writer will arrange a big event for graduation. We will invite government officials including the minister or deputy minister of Information and Culture, Officials from the Academy of Sciences and officials from Kabul and other public universities. Translators, Writers, representatives of the public and private institutions and etc. will take part and the trainees will receive their certificates. The top-performed and students with higher grades will receive prizes and appreciation letters as well.


By completing the course Afghan Writer Translation Trainees are able to:

  • Plan, perform, and critically evaluate the process of translation;
  • Analyze a source document, identify potential difficulties and assess the strategies and resources needed for appropriate reformulation in line with communicative needs;
  • Summarize, rephrase, restructure, adapt and shorten rapidly and accurately in one target language;
  • Apply specific skills and techniques of different specialized types of translation: scientific and technical, legal, as well as translating the language of the media and economic discourse;
  • Apply specific skills and techniques of terminology work for terminology extraction, creating term bases and thematic glossaries;
  • Further, develop the acquired level of language competence in their working languages;
  • Apply the knowledge of contemporary linguistic disciplines in the analysis of the translation discourse;
  • Use the most relevant IT applications, Curriculum Vitae’s of Trainers and key admin staff


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