As a leading professional and credible organization in Afghanistan, Afghan Writer offers Translation Services, Translators Training, Professional Development, and Publications. Afghan Writer earned more than one-decade experience in providing quality translation, capacity-building, and linguistic services. As the first translators-in-house company in Afghanistan, Afghan Writer has cultivated its status as a pioneer in quality translation and standard linguistic services. Through the one-decade professional business, Afghan Writer proactively identified perpetually changing demands in translation and linguistic services, and responded to developments in close working relations with academic institutions in the country. Afghan Writer is the first and leading translation company in Afghanistan with having a unique freelance translators’ management MIS system. The system allows both the management team and the translators to work and interact effectively on the internet from different parts of the world.

Our Competitive advantages:
– A network of first-class professional translators and writers;
– Fast turnaround deadlines and ensured quality;
– Close working relations with academic institutions and scholars;

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